event = new (ITCamp Community Online Meetup)

event = new (ITCamp Community Online Meetup)

With the 10th edition of ITCamp Conference postponed for next year and all in-person meetups canceled until it’s safe for us to gather again in closed spaces, we’re turning on the online switch.

We’re keeping the same format as you’re already used to, but with speakers who wouldn’t normally be able to join us. Before the pandemic, everyone was suffering from a lack of time. Lack of time to squeeze in community meetings in between business travels and personal time, lack of time to attend community events and so on.

Join us online on June 4th at 4.15 PM (EEST) for three sessions on AI and Machine Learning.

ITCamp Community Online Meetups are the perfect places to keep up with what’s new in tech, and learn about some of the trendiest technologies such as AI, ML, Cloud, and security or other topics that you’re interested in – just share it with us.

ITCamp in-person, as well as the new online meetups, are totally free. Register, and when the time comes, grab your favorite beverage and tune in to watch three 40-minute sessions.

Location: Microsoft Teams



4:15pm – 4:30pm

Event kickoff 


4:30pm – 5:10pm

Improving documents management with AI: recognizing forms and understanding documents.

Mihai Tataran, CEO Avaelgo

In many industry verticals there is a huge demand for automating documents and forms understanding. For example, in Real Estate there are many paper / scanned documents (e.g. contracts, addendums) which are kept in a document management system as PDFs (scans), but data from those contracts needs to go into systems like: a billing system, the accounting system, reports / view aggregates, etc. In this session we will explore how we can do just that: understand the content of documents and forms.


5:10pm – 5:15pm



5:15pm – 5:55pm

Operationalizing AI – Lifecycle of AI-based solutions

Radu Stefan, Head of R&D, Avaelgo

Artificial Intelligence is arguably top of mind for everyone in technology, whether you are a Business User, Data Scientist, or Software Engineer. In order to successfully design, build, run and manage artificial intelligence solutions, a systematic approach to operationalize AI is needed.


5:55pm – 6:00pm



6:00pm – 6:40pm

Adapting to Machine Learning
Closed-Loop Intelligence: A Design Pattern for Machine Learning

Ioan Popovici, Chief Software Engineer, Avaelgo

Once you start adopting ML techniques to your software ecosystem, regardless of your expertise level, you may find yourself before some very typical challenges that go beyond the typical complexity of ML solutions.
Starting with industry adaptation, user interaction, and finishing with security, performance, instrumentation, all aspects of ecosystems are impacted by ML adoption. Let’s explore some of these typical challenges.


6:40pm – 6:45pm

Event Wrap-up

meet the speakers

Mihai Tătăran, CEO Avaelgo, is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. His primary roles at Avaelgo are to extend the business, focusing on Managed Services on top of the Microsoft Cloud, and act as a pre-sales and consulting resource on key cloud projects.

Radu Stefan is an Artificial Intelligence Business Consultant and a passionate futurist. He leads the R&D / Innovation department at Avaelgo.
Currently, his research revolves around the ethics (and general business impact) of decisions taken or supported by Artificial Intelligence (sub)systems as part of his Ph.D. thesis.

Ioan Popovici, the Chief Software Engineer of Avaelgo, Microsoft Certified Professional, Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe, is specialized on Microsoft technologies and patterns and practices with such technologies, acting as the architect on most of Avaelgo’s solutions. He has delivered many courses to software companies in Romania.

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